Visa application for Gabon

Biometric Visa

Entry into the Gabonese territory is subjected to a visa requirement. Two options are possible:
1. Obtaining a visa in the country of origin (contact Gabon embassy or consulate);
It must be requested from the Gabonese diplomatic and consular representations. The list of documents to be provided is communicated by the consulate. Only original documents are accepted. These may be required upon arrival in Gabon by the officers of the Air and Frontier Police.
It should be noted that a visa issued in the country of origin does not give automatic entry right, the Gabonese Frontier police can control and decide not to let a person in, due to lack of appropriate documents.
2. The issuance of a visa in Gabon after obtaining entry authorization
To obtain an entry authorization, in case of a family visit, the request must be made by a host person in Gabon at the general direction of documentation and immigration in Libreville. The visitor must present a copy of the application upon boarding at the airport. It is then exchanged, on arrival in Gabon, against the entry authorization. In the same way as for visas issued in the country of origin, it is recommended, for entry permits, that local respondents (families or companies) be present at the airport, when the expected persons arrive, provided with the original documents, in case where these could not be sent to them before their departure.
When crossing the border by air, sea or land, it is necessary to present, in addition to the copy of the application for authorization of entry, a valid passport, a transport title, and an international vaccination certificate (yellow fever mandatory). It is necessary to bring 45,000 CFA francs (70 €), corresponding to the cost of establishing the entry authorization.
3. Special case: business trips to Gabon
For any stay less than three months, businessmen are exempted from authorization in the event where an approved travel agency in Gabon has organized the stay and obtained the necessary entry authorizations. However, they must justify the nature of their presence on Gabonese soil and enumerate their contacts during their stay.
The visa application form must be completed online and accompanied by a copy of the passport (at least six months of validity), a color photograph (35 x 45 millimeters) that is less than six months old and which presents neither overexposure nor underexposure. It must be correctly contrasted, without shadows.
The E-Visa application form must be correctly completed. The information on the form must match that of the passport.
The E-Visa applicant must not travel before the arrival date specified in the registration or risk traveling without having received the entry authorization document in Gabon.
Applicants who do not comply with these instructions will be turned back in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 5/86 of 18 June 1986 establishing the regime of admission and residence of foreigners in the Gabon Republic.
The E-visa is granted for the following stays:
► From 1 to 3 months with single entry, cost: 70 € or 45,000 XAF + processing fee of 15 EUR.
► Six (6) months of multiple entries, cost: 185 € or 120,000 XAF + processing fee of 15 EUR.
Payments are only made in cash during the delivery of the e-visa sticker at the Leon Mba International Airport of Libreville.
The processing time of the application is 72 hours, upon receipt of the request. An application cannot be processed in a shorter time.
Some countries are exempted from visas due to bilateral agreements with Gabon. Please check the list of exempted countries in advance before submitting a Visa application.
Countries exempted from visas
► Germany: Diplomatic Passport
► Brazil: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Burkina Faso: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Benin: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► South Korea: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Cuba: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Ivory Coast: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Djibouti: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► France: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Russian Federation: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Guinea: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Israel: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Mali: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Morocco: Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Mauritius: Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Republic of South Africa: Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Senegal: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Tunisia: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
► Turkey: Diplomatic Passport
► Egypt: Diplomatic Passport, Passport Service
The E-visa, like other visas issued by the Gabon Republic, may be extended by the visa department of the Directorate General of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI), in Libreville, under the following conditions.
► A one (01) month visa can be extended by two (02) months;
► A two (02) month visa may be extended by three (03) month;
► A three (03) month visa cannot be extended;
► A six (6) month visa cannot be extended;
For additional information related to visa applications, please consult the website or contact the Gabonese Embassy or consulate in your country of residence.